With this as my first blog post, it marks the beginning of my two year journey into the IB diploma programme.

Being introduced into Theory of Knowledge with the 8 ways of knowing (emotion, faith, imagination, intuition, language, memory, reason and sense perception) has definitely made me question how and why we know what we do. Also, since everyone has a different and personal way of storing, as well as learning information, they have a different outlook on the world and what surrounds them. Therefore, everyone can interpret a concept differently, and in their own unique way, demonstrating the diverseness of human life and knowledge.

Last session, we discussed how to identify different types of talents and group them together. Despite most people having the same idea and working together, due to the fact that everyone thinks in their own way, different answers came up for the same talent. This is the perfect example demonstrating how everyone can have a separate insight and perspective to the same concept.

I have high hopes for the future in this programme, and without a doubt Theory of Knowledge will definitely shape me positively and open my eyes to possibilities I would have never explored.


One thought on “INTRODUCTION”

  1. I completely agree with your reflection on our last TOK session, as I also believe that by discussing the different ways of knowing, we are essentially learning how each of our minds differ and how unique every person’s point of view is.


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