For our first Theory of Knowledge presentation, our class was split into a groups and each person was assigned a Way of Knowing to analyze and be able to present as an iMovie. The way of knowing that was assigned to us was Language.

Here is the end product, I hope get a new prospective on the matter and an insight into our thoughts as students on Language as a WOK. Enjoy! :

An interesting anecdote of makings of this video is of how we came up with our introduction. Since we go to an international school, there are many people who speak a wide variety of languages. Some of us don't even know how to say hello in that specific language, and that is how the concept of introducing our video with each person who speaks a different language saying "hello" developed. Doing this teaches the viewer how to say hello in different languages, exposing them to a small fraction of each persons' culture while also demonstrating that in each language there is a common salutation.

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