CGB 2015 Health Brigade-1718My role on the day of the Health Brigade was a group leader of children from the ages 5-7. Nevertheless, since I’m in the Values and Charity Committee I was part of the organizing of the event. For example, I welcomed the children when they arrived with the Values Committee and organized it with the Charity Committee. Also, in preparation for it we worked to organise everything so that the day would run as smoothly as possible.

The day fulfilled my expectations and went beyond them because we succeeded in the main goal of helping all these children medically and psychologically. My goal was to make these kids’ day these best it could possibly be.

What surprised me was how emotionally and personally invested i would become in these children and also how happy they are despite living in the extreme situations of poverty and abuse they are in.

Going to the Health Brigade and spending almost a whole day with children who become dependent of me, as if I was their mother or older sister as an overwhelming experience that I hope to continue doing forever.

My biggest concern has always been time efficiency and that we complete every activity since everything on the schedule is important to complete. Due to the large amount of kids, and how far away Cazucá is from our school, we had to work really hard to keep up with all the activities we had to complete.

CGB 2015 Health Brigade-1633CGB 2015 Health Brigade-1512CGB 2015 Health Brigade-1500


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